Barry Adams
Chief Operations Officer and head of all things cool
Barry and his mom, Cheri, had a dream a long time ago to open a coffee shop where people could gather, listen to good music, and fill their bellies with good coffee. Barry’s favorite activities include collecting and playing guitars, binge watching Netflix with his wife, Leslie, and drooling over antique furniture.
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Cheri Adams
Chief Executive Officer and head Mama YaYa
You probably already know Cheri. If you don’t, then you’ll hear her before you see her. She has a personality the size of Texas and one of the biggest hearts this side of the Mississippi. She loves to talk…and she’s good at it. You’ll feel right at home with Cheri taking care of you. Cheri’s favorite activities include chatting it up with friends, finding the best deals, and collecting vacuum cleaners. Need to get in touch?

Leslie Adams
Chief Creative Officer and head of all things artsy
Leslie had no idea what she was getting herself into when she married Barry. Hailing from the U of A in Fayetteville, Leslie was bewildered to learn there wasn’t a coffee shop in Cabot..good thing she married a guy with this dream! Leslie’s favorite activities include cuddling with their dog, Ruby, collecting shoes, and crafting.
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Steve Adams
Chief Facilities Director and head handy man
Steve is the strong silent type…and if he’s silent for too long, he’s probably asleep. You probably won’t see much of Steve at the shop..unless there’s a leak or something needs to be fixed. Better yet, if you see Steve, you may want to rethink your morning coffee stop 😉 Just kidding, like his wife, Cheri, Steve loves this town and wants to give it a special place to meet and fellowship. He may look like Hulk Hogan, but really, he’s a teddy bear. Steve’s favorite activities include napping in the recliner, collecting fish (i.e. fishing), and eating hamburgers.
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